Would You Repeat That?

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Real Estate

My business is built on repeat clients. As my client, I consider you part of my family. When your expectations are met or exceeded, I am thrilled. After all, that is my number one goal. When you trust me enough to call me AGAIN to talk about buying or selling, I am over-the moon. I know how important your home is to you. I am honored to be invited into the process.

On April 1st, I received a call from a past Client. It was not an April Fool's joke!

"Jess, I need to sell my house and I need to do it fast."
"How Fast?"
"Like right-now-fast!"
He went on to explain that he inherited his mother's house. His plan was to sell his home and move, with his family, to the larger of the two. He was in the process of moving when he called. I went to visit that day. Like many homes, his had been "lovingly lived in" and had some significant wear and tear. It was not bad but with two working adults and three young kids at home, it was not in top dollar, listing shape either.
During my initial visit, I handed him and his wife a market analysis of what his house would sell for as-is. I also created two other scenarios. One with a modest investment on his part and the expected return. The second with major improvements and the return on investments of those improvements. He selected a plan the first plan and we got to work immediately. That's when the transformation began.
In just 10 days, the house was painted inside and out. Doors were repaired and new flooring installed. The bathroom was updated and the tub was reglazed. The entire house was professionally cleaned. With minimal investments, the house sparkled and was ready to be listed.
Part of my service in selling a home is to partner with a professional photographer who knows how to showcase a home through photos and videos. The photographers came out for the photos. Looking back, the family could not believe their eyes. The photos were stunning and so was the house.  
Just two weeks after my first visit, the home was actively listed for sale. Four days, yes days, the home was under contract. Six weeks from my clients first email to say, "HELP" he and his family settled for $20,000 more than list price making his home the highest sold price in the neighborhood. A small investment of less than $10,000 earned my clients over $50,000 more than if he had listed his home "as is." 
I am so happy for them. They are settled in their new home and happy to have the responsibility of selling a home off their plate. But their story is not unusual. Most clients are surprised when I tell them what their home is worth and give them suggestions on minimal investments that create great returns.
Who you work with matters.
I have built my real estate business with you in mind. Your home is often your greatest asset. Your investment and priorities drive our work together. My goal is always to help you reach yours. If you're planning to sell, buy or invest, and you don't know where to start, then start here and call me. (443)983-0402 or (443) 821-0707.